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Here at Hewaswater, we pride ourselves on our reputation that is built on reliability and quality along with working with a wide range of industries and sectors throughout the South West and further afield. With our location in the heart of Cornwall, many of our services are utilised by the Marine sector.

We understand that by its very nature, the marine sector requires unique, quick, accurate and cost effective marine engineering solutions that are robust and informed by the knowledge and experience we have gained from over 70 years in the fabrication business.

We provide services to a number of marine engineering applications and steel processing to suit unique and varied marine projects and environments to offer marine engineering and fabrication solution to match our customer’s specifications.

From design, marine fabrication and coatings to marine site works and offsite construction, we are a one stop shop for your marine steel work and engineering requirements:

Marine Design:

Structural and architectural steel components.

Marine Fabrication:

Marine grade stainless steel fabrication, marine steel processing in our fully equipped state-of-the-art steel fabrication complex.

Marine Coatings:

For various project requirements.

Marine site works:

Modular and offsite constructions.

For more information about our marine steelwork services or to discuss your next project please give our team a call on 01726 885200 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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