Contract Name: Sandgrinders
Value: £260k
Date of Project: 2020/21
Customer: Imerys Minerals

We are currently working on 2 new Sandgrinders for export to China.

The value of the work is approx. £260k and the customer is Imerys Minerals.

Contract Name: Sandgrinders
Value: £100k
Date of Project: 2020
Customer: Imerys Tableware, France

The supply and export to France of 2 new sandgrinders is the latest in a long list of projects we have completed for Imerys in a relationship lasting  more than 30 years.

Goonvean Blockworks & Newham Wharf - Hewaswater Engineering South West

Contract Name: Goonvean Blockworks & Newham Wharf
Value: £800,000
Date of Project: 2008
Customer: Dennis May & Sons

This project involved many elements including cement silos, aggregate bins, production building framework steel and internal support structures. The project was multi-phased over almost 2 years.

Bucket Wheel Classifier - Hewaswater Engineering South West

Contract Name: Bucket Wheel Classifier
Value: £200,000
Date of Project: 2007
Customer: Goonvean Ltd

We undertook the complete package of manufacture, installation and commissioning of this new classifier. It is a good example of the use of Irathane coatings.

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